Mortgage Broking Process

What Is the Mortgage Broking Process?

Talk About Your Goals and Needs This is where we will establish your current financial situation and future financial goals and objectives because a home loan can affect all of this. Summarise And Collect Information Phase two involves collecting all your information to determine your home loan borrowing capacity. Research And Provide You With Multiple Options This is where your Mortgage Broker will break down the relevant home loan products that will accommodate your current situation and future goals. Collect Documents After choosing the best-suited home loan product, your Mortgage Broker will complete all the nitty-gritty work involved in application forms – we sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to. Lodge Application with the Bank Once your Mortgage Broker has all your supporting documents and application in order, we will submit it to the bank and wait for the approval. Sign Loan Documents After meeting all the conditions, you’ll receive the final approval, now you can sign all the loan documents. Settlement Once the funds have been made available for your home purchase, your Solicitor will book a settlement time and date with the Bank. As soon as the loan is transferred, the settlement is complete, and you’re officially a homeowner! Yearly Financial Health Check Our services don’t end there. Your financial circumstances are constantly changing, and the market has its ups and downs. So, to make sure you’ve always got your hands on the best deal that best suits you, our mortgage brokers will do a yearly check-in. Our team has the experience to make the home loan process as easy and convenient as possible.

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