How do borrowers select a mortgage broker

  • Tips to Select a Best Mortgage Broker in Australia

  • Reach out to friends and family: Ask your family and friends if they have used a best mortgage broker in Australia when buying a home. Were they satisfied with the service they received? Was the mortgage broker knowledgeable and attentive?
  • Get referrals from your real estate agent. Your real estate agent should have a pulse on local mortgage brokers in your area and be able to recommend qualified individuals to work with you. Real estate agents make a commission after a home is sold, so they have a vested interest in recommending a good broker who can get your loan closed.
  • Read online reviews: Read reviews on Google or Yelp about the mortgage broker's ability to get the job done. For example, how long did it take for the customer's loan to be approved? If there were any stumbling blocks in the transaction, how did the mortgage broker deal with them?
  • Customer testimonials and the experience levels of brokers are considered the two most important pieces of information when borrowers are searching for a broker.

Over 50% of borrowers completely trust brokers

Trust is a long-term key relationship measure, developed over an extended period after multiple quality interactions between the consumer and the broker. Broker customers tend to be more satisfied with their experience than direct to lender customers While satisfaction levels are high for both channels, with over 50% of customers satisfied with the service provided though either brokers or direct to lender, broker customers were most satisfied. Some of Broker customers rated their experience of using a broker a 9 or 10 out of 10 (with 10 being ‘exceeding expectations’),
  • ‘Word of mouth’ is a powerful education and awareness channel for brokers
  • Direct to lender customers placed higher value on getting the best price. Broker
customers perceived value beyond simply getting the best price on their loan
  • A number of participants expressed the view that it was simpler and easier to go
through a broker as they perceived that broker received special treatment from financial institutions and could get things done faster than a banker in a branch. Many also felt it was more efficient through a broker as they felt that a broker will know which banks are likely to approve their specific loan application circumstances. Loans and Mortgages are the best Mortgage Broker firm in Sydney, NSW and Australia we are specialising in a holistic approach to home loans. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted and experienced mortgage servicing company in Australia offering services in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania.

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