Borrowing Power Calculator

Borrowing Power Calculator

The Borrowing Power Calculator will help you compare hundreds of home loans from more than 20 lenders.

Click through to find out how much you may be able to borrow, estimated rates for buying your first home, refinancing a loan, investing in property, buying your next home or building or renovating.

Things You Should Know About Borrowing Power Calculator

Borrowing Power Calculator output is only a guide and depends on the input you enter. Their loan approvals should not count. Tell us exactly how many there are Fees and charges are incurred. The total interest and repayment calculation does not include fees and charges that may be charged on your loan - for example, the lender's mortgage insurance, the annual package fee for our Complete Home Loan Package, monthly service charges or stamp duty. Any additional fees or charges will increase the cost and repayment of the loan. The terms and conditions apply to all loan options. Interest rates used are current reference rates and are subject to change. Standard assumptions and concepts can also change. Home loan applications require loan approval, satisfactory collateral, and a minimum deposit requirement. All relevant terms and conditions will be set out in our loan offer, if provided.

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