Buying or Selling house

Buying or selling a home means lot of things needs to be done – Loans and Mortgages can help you at every step:

  • Finding the right home loan for you, not only for purchase of your new home, but for the years to come.
  • Helping you to organize the paperwork for your current loan, a deposit for your new property plus account for any settlement payouts that have to be made.

• The types of loans suited to investing
• The key benefits of investing in property
• Tips to maximize your return
• What to look for in an investment property

Investing in real estate is a financial strategy used by many Australians. Benefits include ongoing returns in the form of regular rental income, increases in the value of property over time (capital growth), and tax advantages. If you have existing equity in your home, you may well be in a position to use that equity as a deposit for an investment property.

Rental income can cover a large portion of loan repayments and property expenses. If an investment property is positively geared, then the income exceeds the costs of owning the property, resulting in net cash flow. Even if this is not the case, any extra costs that you have to cover can reduce the tax you pay on your employment income. In the latter case, the aim is that over time, as rental increases occur and the value of the property goes up, at some stage the property pays for itself, while building assets for your financial security.

Property investment, as with all financial matters, has risks so proper education, planning and due diligence are paramount. Loans and Mortgages Home Loans are specialists in financing investment properties. We work with our clients to inform and educate them on what might be possible in securing their financial future. We can also work with your team of advisers to ensure that your accounting, financial planning, and legal advice addresses risks, and that strategies are in place to manage these.

Looking to negotiate a better deal on your current investment portfolio or to purchase your first investment property?
We can assist with simple or complex structures to suit you and your family’s needs now and in the future to aid in growing your portfolio.
By negotiating and/or refinancing an existing investment portfolio Loans and Mortgages loan specialists can help you.
Contact us to discuss your options.