Migrating to Australia

457 visa holders home loans

Loans and Mortgages is a mortgage broking company that can foreign citizens who have recently moved to Australia, or who will soon be moving to Australia.· They can help you to compare, select & apply for a home loan from one of Australia’s major lenders or even with your current bank.

Unlike most mortgage brokers Loans and Mortgages has hired staff that have worked for a major lender as the person who makes the decision to approve or decline loan applications. Because of this they can quickly work out which lenders you qualify with and know how to present your loan to ensure it is approved!

Why Do You Need A Mortgage Broker?
Using a mortgage broker is one of the most common way for Australians to obtain a mortgage. There are several advantages to using a broker rather than just applying through your bank branch.

Specialist Services: Applying for a home loan can be very complex, in particular if you come from the UK or USA where mortgages work very differently. Mortgage brokers only work with home loans, not bank accounts or credit cards. Their level of experience and knowledge is usually much higher than that of the bank staff who offers a variety of products.

Will My Occupation Affect My Mortgage Application?
As a rule all occupations for migrant workers are accepted by the banks. Some occupation types that are considered to be a low risk may be seen favourably. For example doctors, specialist accountants and lawyers are seen by the banks to be high value, low risk borrowers. As a result they can often gain an approval even if they do not meet the lender’s credit criteria.

If I Get Citizenship or Permanent Residency Will This Help My Loan?
Yes, Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents are seen more favourably by the banks as there is a low risk that they will move back overseas. However you do not need citizenship or PR to get approval for a mortgage, there are several lenders that will accept migrants on any type of visa, from any country. If you are married or in a defacto relationship with an Australian

Citizen or Permanent Resident then some banks will assess your application in the same way they assess applications from Australian Citizens. In this case no restrictions on the amount you can borrow will apply.